Plans Review

The Office of the Fire Marshal works in close conjunction with other county departments on all Projects where the design, layout or site may be of concern in firefighting efforts.

Of special concern in our review procedures are:

Fire hydrants – adequacy of hydrants, access to, location of, water main size.

Use groups – manufacturing, high hazard, public assembly. (What will be in this structure and what are the dangers?

Built in features -structures with sprinkler systems, standpipes, and fire alarm systems for occupants.

Please use this guide for new developments in Hanover County- Plans Review Guidelines.

The following are general guidelines for submitting plansPhoto of Architecture Plans for review by the Office of the Fire Marshal. Specific requirements will be addressed at the time of review of a particular project and/or system review, based on the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code. Contractors are encouraged to contact the Office of the Fire Marshal with any questions prior to submitting plans.

Commercial Development- Checklist