Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

The Federal Communication Commission announced the start date of the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. As of May 12, 2021, eligible households will be able to enroll in the Program to receive a monthly discount (up to $50) off the cost of broadband service from an approved provider (Comcast and CenturyLink are participating in the program). Eligible households can enroll through an approved provider or by visiting

For more information, including eligibility requirements, about the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, please visit

Broadband Resources

    Broadband VATI Grant (PDF)

    Broadband Citizen Advisory Committee (PDF)

    Broadband Efforts to Date (PDF)

    Broadband Speed Test (PDF)

    Digital Equity (PDF)

Hanover Internet Service

Hanover County comprises 471 square miles with 70% of the land area considered rural. Despite coverage maps indicating that virtually all of Hanover County has access to broadband (high-speed) internet, a large portion of the County does not have adequate internet service coverage. Hanover County understands that universal broadband internet access is essential for our community. It is essential to support business, education, public safety, and everyday life. As such, the Hanover Board of Supervisors has made this issue a priority. More information on high-speed internet in Hanover is available here.

Existing Conditions

Hanover County is prohibited by law from being an internet service provider, so the County must partner with an ISP to expand internet service. The County has two major internet service providers, Comcast and CenturyLink. Comcast has established broadband service in most of the County’s suburban area. Comcast continues to work with the community to expand their services. CenturyLink has established some broadband service to communities in the western part of the County. CenturyLink’s internet service is based on DSL technology, so it can vary depending on how close a consumer is to where the service hub is located. CenturyLink is upgrading their infrastructure to a fiber-based internet service. Service areas for these providers is documented at

Various other internet service providers are located in the County primarily using DSL, wireless, and satellite technology. Hanover continues to encourage other wired and wireless service providers to locate in the County.

Broadband Internet Speed

The goal is to provide residents and businesses a minimum level of internet bandwidth. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates internet service providers and has defined “broadband” internet, which is considered the minimum acceptable internet speed, at 25Mbps (download) / 3Mbps (upload). Download speed is how fast your internet connection can transfer data from a website to your computer/tablet. Upload speed is how fast your personal internet connection can transfer your data to another site/person. Broadband internet access speeds can be met with either wired (cable to the home) or wireless solutions.