Safety & Risk Management

Hanover County Safety & Risk Management’s mission is to effectively partner with County departments and Hanover County Public Schools to provide a safe environment compliant with all applicable local, state and federal laws for employees to work and the public to enjoy County-owned properties. This mission is supported through program development, training, workplace hazard evaluation and elimination through employee involvement and providing corrective guidance in the areas of Occupational Safety & Health and Risk Management.  

Safety & Risk Value Statement:

In Hanover County, safety is not only top priority; it is a “value” that must be included in every procedure and everything that we do. Management support and employee involvement is the driving force of the Hanover safety program.

Safety & Risk Management services include:

  • Development and implementation of the safety program, safety manual, and training programs for Hanover County and Hanover County Public Schools.
  • Oversight of the County and Schools Worker’s Compensation & Risk Management Programs (General Liability, Property, Vehicle and similar)
  • Partnering with County departments and Schools to assess and proactively identify and reduce risks and make recommendations to eliminate, control, or minimize hazards and risks.
  • Conducting research, evaluating and making recommendations regarding risk management, loss control and claims administration strategies by investigating and analyzing causes, patterns, or trends that could result in compensatory events.
  • Assisting departments with interpretation of various Federal, State, and Local safety and health regulations.
  • Fostering the principles of “proactive” safety & risk management engagement to support the goal of safety as a “value” for all Hanover County Employees.

Incident & Accident Reporting & Worker's Compensation Resources