Site Plans

Pre-Application Meetings

The county encourages developers to schedule a site plan pre-application meeting (PDF) with the Planning department prior to submission of a site plan application. During this meeting, the staff will review the proposal and discuss potential site considerations such as drainage impacts, Chesapeake Bay preservation areas, public utilities, landscaping, lighting, and other site development requirements. For assistance with the management of a development project, refer to the project planning packet (PDF).

Site Plan Review

  • Submit the Site Plan Application (PDF) to Planning by the prescribed deadline 
  • ALL SITE PLANS are currently being processed under the Expedited Review Schedule
  • For projects that require a re-submittal, the review team will review and respond: 
    • Within 7-10 working days if the project is routine 
    •  Within 15-20 working days if the project is complex
  • Staff will respond to any subsequent re-submittals within 7-10 days
  • Revised plans may be submitted with a Resubmission application (PDF) at any time after all review comments have been received
  • After approval, the applicant can apply for any other necessary permits such as building permits, land disturbance permits, or commercial entrances.

Customer Service Initiative

The Customer Service Initiative (CSI) was created to provide enhanced customer service to citizens and the development community. CSI streamlined review processes, making regulations, procedures, and application processes easier to understand and accessible to all citizens.


Site Inspections & Surety Requirements

Following site development, members of the review team will inspect the site to ensure its compliance with the approved site plan. Please contact the Planning Department for information regarding performance agreements and surety which may be required prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Performance Agreements for Site Plans

Performance Surety for Site Plans

A follow up inspection will be conducted once the required improvements have been installed. The bonds will either be reduced or returned depending on the condition of the plant materials and the length of time they have been planted in the ground.

Expansions/Revisions to Existing Development

If an existing building is expanding or a previously developed property is being redeveloped, contact Planning to ensure that any proposed changes meet applicable zoning requirements. 

Forms & Documents