Zoning Process

Property Zoning Lookup

Use the county’s mapping system to check a property’s zoning. Also check to see if the proposed use is consistent with the General Land Use Plan map (PDF) of the Comprehensive Plan.


A property owner may need to rezone their property before developing it or using it for a specific use. The zoning process includes changes to the zoning district or the need to obtain a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) (PDF) or Special Exception (SE) (PDF). These processes require public hearings and are subject to Board of Supervisors approval.

Pre-Application Meeting

The Planning Department encourages potential applicants to schedule a pre-application meeting (PDF) with staff to discuss the particulars of a proposal, including projected timelines to complete each process. The application deadline (PDF) is the first Monday of each month. For zoning or permit questions or to schedule a pre-application meeting, contact Planning.

Public Hearing Payment Schedule

Should a rezoning or permit be needed, one or more of the following applications may be required. Contact Planning for questions or assistance.

Customer Service Initiative

The Customer Service Initiative (CSI) was created to provide enhanced customer service to citizens and the development community. CSI streamlined review processes makes regulations, procedures, and application processes easier to understand and accessible to all citizens. 
Per CSI, the following timelines were established for cases:
  • Rezoning and CUP cases are processed as either routine or complex:
    • Routine (PDF) cases are typically a 4-month process
    • Complex (PDF) cases are typically a 6-month process
      • The extended timeline allows for traffic studies and/or additional meetings or reviews, if needed
  • SE cases are typically a 6- to 8-week process