1. Action Plan Summary (PDF)
  2. Backflow Prevention Device Certification (PDF)
  3. Cash Bond Escrow Agreement - Fillable (PDF)
  4. Chesapeake Bay Ordinance 02-35 (PDF)
  5. Chickahominy River Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Action Plan (PDF)
  6. Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF)
  7. Dedicated Capital Assets List (PDF)
  8. Drainage Design Handbook (PDF)
  9. Erosion and Sediment Control Standard Notes (PDF)
  10. Family Division Application (PDF)
  11. Family Division Homestead Agreement Affidavit Application (PDF)
  12. Irrevocable Letter of Credit (PDF)
  13. Land Disturbance Permit Application - Fillable (PDF)
  14. Land Disturbance Permit Application for Single Family Residence (PDF)
  15. Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System MS4 Pet Waste Brochure (PDF)
  16. Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System MS4 Stormwater Permit Registration (PDF)
  17. Performance Bond - Fillable (PDF)
  18. Rezoning Application (PDF)
  19. Rezoning Application for One Additional Lot (PDF)
  20. Septic Tank Pumpout Brochure (PDF)
  21. Septic Tank Pumpout Checklist (PDF)
  22. Septic Tank Pumpout Letter (PDF)
  23. Special Exception Permit Application (PDF)
  24. Stormwater Brochure (PDF)
  25. Temporary Sign - Reface Permit Application (PDF)
  26. Utility Auto Pay Authorization Form (PDF)
  27. Utility Construction Permit Application (PDF)
  28. Variance Application (PDF)
  29. Water Meter Sizing Form (PDF)
  30. Water Quality Impact Assessment (PDF)
  31. Zoning Compliance Letter Application (PDF)
  32. Zoning Lot Letter Application (PDF)
  33. Zoning Pre-Application Meeting Form (PDF)
  34. Fire Hydrant Meter Rental Application and Lease (PDF)
  35. Water Leak Report (PDF)
  36. Utility E-Notification Enrollment Form (PDF)