Curbside Recycling

Participating Subdivisions

The following subdivisions have been approved and established as a Service District for curbside recycling:

  • Ashcreek
  • Ashland Park
  • Atlee Ridge
  • Castlewood
  • Charter Lake
  • Craney Island Farms
  • Deer Valley
  • Falling Creek Estates
  • Hickory Ridge
  • Ivy Banks
  • Kings Charter
  • Knollwood
  • Madison Springs
  • Manorwood
  • Milestone
  • Providence
  • Reardon's Ridge
  • Royal Glen
  • Rutland
  • Rutland Grove
  • Somerset
  • Stephens Manor
Participating subdivisions may contact Central Virginia Waste management Authority (CVWMA) at 804-340-0900 or online to acquire additional details on the curbside recycling program, including accepted materials, schedules and public outreach. In addition, CVWMA can provide information on purchasing a recycling bin or cart.

Don't Have Curbside Recycling?

Curbside Recycling is a service offered on a per/subdivision basis. The Department of Public Works is not providing the service it is simply facilitating the startup phase.

If you are in a subdivision that currently does not have curbside recycling, and are interested in bringing curbside recycling to your neighborhood, you can contact the Department of Public Works by email, or call us at 804-365-6181. We will be happy to provide you with information on how to get started.