Food/Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)

Fried green tomatoes, Hanover Tomato pie, tomato po-boy, tomato tacos, tomato burger, fried tomato chips, tomato wraps, salsa and so much more.... this is a just a sampling of the delicious Hanover Tomato items that have been available at the event.  
Check below for the listing of Hanover Tomato Cuisine scheduled for 2018. 
  1. Full Menu
  2. Specialty

The following are scheduled to attend:

Name Hanover Tomato Items Food Court Location
Carytown Burgers & Fries Black Bean Tomato Burger, MeeMaw's Fried Red Tomatoes  
Cool Concessions Fried Green Tomatoes, BLT, Tomato Salad, BLT wraps  
Espresso A Go Go Catering Tomato/Cheese, Tomato/Basil hand pies  
LB Concessions Tomato Burger, Caprese salad  
Nader's Food Service BLT, Fried Green Tomatoes  
Rosemary's BLT, Tomato sandwich, Fried Green Tomatoes, Tomato Pie, Chicken Salad stuffed tomato  
Simply Street Food Fried Green Tomato Plate, Fried Green Tomato Po'Boy  
Strawberry Street Cafe Fried Green Tomatoes, Hanover Tomato Grilled Cheese