Hanover Tomato Cuisine

Fried green tomatoes, Hanover Tomato pie, tomato po-boy, tomato tacos, tomato burger, fried tomato chips, tomato wraps, salsa and so much more.... this is a just a sampling of the delicious Hanover Tomato items that have been available at the event.  

Check below for the listing of Hanover Tomato Cuisine scheduled for 2018. 
Tomato Festival 3
  1. At the festival, you will have the opportunity to taste some favorite and/or new items featuring the Hanover Tomato

The following are scheduled to attend:

Name Hanover Tomato Items Food Court Location
Carytown Burgers & Fries Fried Green Tomato BLT, Burger w/Hanover Tomato Salsa F-6
Cool Concessions Fried Green Tomatoes, BLT, Tomato Salad, BLT wraps F-4
Espresso A Go Go Catering Tomato/Cheese, Tomato/Basil hand pies F-2
LB Concessions Tomato Burger, Caprese salad F-8
Nader's Food Service BLT, Fried Green Tomatoes F-7
Rosemary's BLT, Tomato sandwich, Fried Green Tomatoes, Tomato Pie, Chicken Salad stuffed tomato F-1
Sherri's Crab Cakes Tomato Remoulade sauce, BLT crab cake sandwich  
Simply Street Food Fried Green Tomato Plate, Fried Green Tomato Po'Boy F-3
Strawberry Street Cafe Fried Green Tomatoes, Hanover Tomato Grilled Cheese F-5