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Do you have a unique and tasty way you prepare Hanover County's favorite fruit?  If so, the Hanover Tomato Festival is where you need to be!  We are currently recruiting for Full Menu, Specialty and Tomato-only food vendors.

Please click here to reserve your booth space. 

  1. Full Menu
  2. Specialty
  3. Tomato Only

Full Menu Vendors must have a minimum of two (2) food items on their menu that feature the signature Hanover Tomato (Tomato pie, Fried Green Tomatoes, BLT's, salsa, etc.) 

Placement in the festival is contingent on the quantity and uniqueness of your Hanover Tomato cuisine. 

Booth spaces are approximately 20' x 20'. 

Health and/or Agricultural Department permit is required for all Food related sales.

All vendors selling food must fill out an application with the Virginia Health Department for a temporary permit food permit. 

For specific questions, please call the Chickahominy Health Department at (804) 365-4313 and
fax number is (804) 365-4361.

All applications must be submitted to the Chickahominy Health Department no later than June 8, 2020. 

Inspections by the Hanover County Fire Marshall's Office and Virginia Department of Health will be conducted on the event day.  No sales allowed until approved.  Please read carefully the Virginia Department of Health and Hanover County Fire Marshall requirementsRefunds will not be issued for failure to pass inspection and/or removal from the event. 

Additional Information:

All tents, chairs, tables and items for sale, etc. are the responsibility of the vendor.  Tents must be securely weighted down, staking of tents is prohibited.

All personnel must remain within the vendor's space. Informational flyers and menus must be distributed within the vendor's space.

No roving vendors are permitted.  All walkways must remain clear at all times.

Generators are permitted for food vendors.  The make and model information must be provided at the time of application.  The vendor must supply grounded electrical cords in good condition to be used at the booth space.

Vendors are required to provide a complete menu at the time of application and will not be permitted to sell items that are not approved. 

Access to potable water is provided.  Individual vendor hookups are not permitted. 

Bagged Ice will be available for purchase (three (3) 10 lb bags for $10 - cash only).

Vendors are responsible for the collection and removal of their own trash from the Festival premises.  Failure to do so may result in a fine and/or denial in future participation in the Hanover Tomato Festival.