November 7, 2023 General Election

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Candidates On the Ballot

General Assembly

  • State Senate - District 10
    • John J. McGuire III - R
  • State Senate - District 26
    • Ryan T. McDougle - R
    • Pamela R. Garner - D
  • House of Delegates - District 59
    • H. F. "Buddy" Fowler, Jr. - R
    • Rachel A. Levy - D
  • House of Delegates - District 60
    • Scott A. Wyatt - R
    • Keith Patrick Braxton - D

Hanover Local

  • Clerk of Court
    • Frank D. Hargrove, Jr.
  • Commonwealth's Attorney
    • Mackenzie K. Babichenko
  • Sheriff
    • David R. Hines
  • Commissioner of Revenue
    • T. Scott Harris
  • Treasurer
    • Timothy Reed Boschen
  • Board of Supervisor - Ashland
    • Yael R. Levin
    • Faye O. Prichard
  • Board of Supervisor - Beaverdam 
    • Jeff S. Stoneman
  • Board of Supervisor - Chickahominy 
    • Danielle G. Floyd
    • Hope N. Prince
  • Board of Supervisor - Cold Harbor  
    • F. Michael Herzberg, IV
  • Board of Supervisor - Henry
    • Sean M. Davis
  • Board of Supervisor - Mechanicsville
    • Ryan M. Hudson
    • Joshua R. Parramore
  • Board of Supervisor - South Anna
    • Susan P. "Sue" Dibble
    • Clara James Scott
  • Soil and Water Conservation Director Hanover-Caroline District
    • C. Leigh H. Pemberton
    • George T. Rice

Town of Ashland: 3 Seats for Town Council 

    • Pamela Y. Sopall 
    • Darry A. Edwards
    • Steve P. Trivett
    • Stephanie R. Hare
    • Kathy K. Abbott
    • Ali S. Knorassani-Abri
    • Anita O. Barnhart

Referendum: Direct Election of School Board
Shall the method of selecting the school board be changed from appointment by the governing body to direct election by the voters?

List of 2023 Polling Precincts

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