Pamunkey Regional Jail Volunteer Opportunities

Many volunteer opportunities are available to increase the range of services and programs offered to the inmates. Volunteers increase personal contact with inmates, broaden community resources for the facility, and increase public awareness of the regional jail.

The Pamunkey Regional Jail is seeking volunteers to assist in the following areas:
  • Religious services
  • Staff assistance
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Computer and information technology
  • Tutoring or academic training
Volunteer candidates will fill out an application and list any specialized knowledge or skills. Prior to starting volunteer duties, candidates are:
  • Interviewed
  • Screened
  • Given a handbook
  • Provided orientation training
  • Provided a code of ethics
  • Informed about the rules and regulations of the facility
  • Trained on staff and inmates relations
  • Counseled on confidential information
  • Informed on what to do in case of emergencies
If you are interested in volunteering, contact the programs officer at 804-537-6400, extension 3040.