Personal Property Registration

Personal property registration can be a confusing task. There are different types of personal property with different registration methods. In Hanover County, personal property is automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motor homes, trailers, semi-trailers, aircraft and boats.


Hanover County is a prorating locality for personal property taxes on automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and trailers only. The tax year begins on January 1. Prorated items are assessed for the number of months they are garaged in Hanover County.
  • If the item moves from Hanover County to a non-prorating locality in Virginia, it will be taxed by Hanover County until December 31 of the current year
  • If the item moves out of Virginia, it is assessed in Hanover County until it has been registered in the new state


All types of personal property must be registered by the owner with the Commissioner of the Revenue when it is either purchased or moved into the county for the first time. Owners have 60 days from the purchase date or move date to file. If the owner files after 60 days, a late filing fee is added to the tax bill.

Ways to Register

  • Email: Email us the registration information for the item, including your contact information
  • Mail: We send a registration letter to the owners of any items that we receive from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Returning the letter registers the item.
  • Online: Register your vehicle online through the customer portal at
  • Office: Register your item in person in the personal property division. We are a DMV Select location and can assist you with DMV transactions, excluding driver's licenses.
  • Phone or Fax: Register your item by phone or fax in the registration information

Annual Filing Requirements

Hanover County is a File by Exception locality. File by Exception means annual filings are not required on vehicles, motorcycles, campers and trailers unless there is a change in status or ownership.

Annual filings are required on aircraft, mobile homes, boats and motors. The filing date is May 1. Any returns filed after May 1 are assessed a late filing fee.