Commercial Customers

Commercial Rates

There are three commercial rate schedules (PDF). The schedule for your business is based on actual or projected use.

Paying Water & Sewer Bill

There are many ways to pay your water and sewer bills.

Strong Waste Program

Customers that discharge wastewater that is stronger than typical residential waste water are charged a strong waste surcharge to cover the additional costs associated with transporting and treating their waste water.

Backflow Prevention Program

The Backflow Prevention Program protects the public water system from contamination. All backflow preventers are required to be tested annually. Many businesses are required to submit annual testing reports to Public Utilities documenting that their backflow preventers are in working order.

Industrial Pretreatment Program

Businesses that discharge wastewater with unusual characteristics may be required to obtain an industrial pretreatment permit from Public Utilities. Please contact Public Utilities if you have any questions about this program.