Finance Committee


  • Quarterly and other meetings called throughout the year as needed
  • Hanover County Administration Building
    Board of Supervisors Conference Room
    7516 County Complex Road
    Hanover, VA 23069


  • Susan P. Dibble
  • W. Canova Peterson
  • Faye O. Prichard
  • Aubrey M. Stanley (Alternate)
The committee is comprised of 3 Board of Supervisor members with 1 alternate. One appointed board member acts as chairman. The county administrator serves as a member of this committee. Additional staff support includes the deputy county administrator and the finance and management services director.

Terms of Service

Annual 1 year appointments by the recommendation of the Board of Supervisors Chairman and approved by the Board of Supervisors.


The Finance Committee serves as the board’s liaison with staff for all financial and human resource policies, debt issuance, budget, audit and other fiscal and employee benefit topics.


The committee annually reviews agenda topics related to the General Fund Budget and General Fund transfers and reappropriations to other funds, including the County Improvements Fund. Also within the scope of this committee are audited and interim financial statements reviews, compliance with fund balance and debt ratios as well as bond rating updates. Significant financial, technology or personnel impacts to services are also addressed to the committee.


  1. Kathleen T. Seay

    Deputy County Administrator