Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc.



  • Angela Kelly-Wiecek, Board of Supervisor's Representative


Half of the board's 8 members come from the private sector (usually top executives of major corporations that invest in the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc.) and half from the public sector (usually top elected officials from each jurisdiction). The position of chair rotates between public-sector and private-sector members of the board on an annual basis. Hanover has 1 representative from the Board of Supervisors with a staff alternate - county administrator.

Terms of Service

1 year term


Greater Richmond Partnership impacts the region by recruiting companies from all over the globe to provide employment opportunities and taxable capital investment for our local communities.


Greater Richmond Partnership offers no-cost site location assistance and other services to domestic and foreign companies planning new or expanded facilities. It is a single point of contact to the network of private sector and state and local government professionals that support a company’s location decision. GRP has three main priorities:

  • Lead generation
  • Marketing
  • Research

The organization is structured as a public-private, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation funded jointly by the four local governments and approximately 100 area businesses. Services are provided at no cost to the company and with complete confidentiality.