Historical Commission


  • 7 p.m.
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Hanover County Administration Building
    Planning Department Conference Room
    2nd Floor
    7516 County Complex Road
    Hanover, VA 23069


  • Tamera Billups, Ashland District Representative
    Phone: 804-550-0988
    Email Tamera Billups
  • Vacant, Historic Polegreen Church Representative

  • Beryl Carter, Black Heritage Society Representative
    Phone: 804-798-5980
  • Claudia Cheely, Planning Staff
    Phone: 804-365-6171
    Email Claudia Cheely
  • Marla Coleman, Scotchtown DAR/Church Quarter
    Phone: 804-338-0588
    Email Marla Coleman
  • Sean Davis, Board of Supervisors Representative
    Phone: 804-730-5648
    Email Sean Davis
  • David Deal, Hanover Tavern Foundation Representative
    Phone: 804-537-5050
    Email David Deal
  • Wanda Garrett, Cold Harbor District Representative
    Phone: 804-746-3600
    Email Wanda Garrett
  • Gary Henley, Montpelier Center for Arts and Education
    Phone: 804-752-1015
    Email Gary Henley
  • Lyn Hodnett, Hanover APVA Representative Phone: 804-798-4149
    Email Lyn Hodnett
  • Brenda Walls, Beaverdam Depot Representative
    Phone: 804-366-9018
  • James Kastelburg, Historic Courthouse Area Advisory Committee Representative
    Phone: 804-537-5461
    Email James Kastelburg 
  • Judith Lowery, Page Memorial Library Representative
    Phone: 804-798-1956
    Email Judith Lowery
  • Carol Beam, South Anna District Representative
    Phone: 804-347-7380
    Email Carol Beam
  • Jerome Ross, Chickahominy District Representative
    Phone: 804-938-1468
    Email Jerome Ross
  • Donald Pleasants, Hanover Civic League Representative
    Phone: 804-227-4140
    Email Donald Pleasants
  • Patricia Rudolph, Mechanicsville District Representative
    Phone: 804-640-1982
    Email Patricia Rudolph
  • Doyle Sapp, National Park Service Representative
    Phone: 804-771-2808
  • Natalie Schermerhorn, Beaverdam District Representative
    Phone: 804-798-3883
  • Charles Schmetzer, Henry District Representative
    Phone: 804-746-4218
    Email Charles Schmetzer
  • C. Lindsay Ryland, Historic Society Representative Phone: 804-338-2238
    Email C. Lindsay Ryland
  • Brenda Pennington, Architectural Review Board Representative
    Phone: 804-304-3947
    Email Brenda Pennington

Terms of Service

2-year terms

1 member of the Board of Supervisors, 1 member representing each of the 7 magisterial districts in the county, 1 representative from each of the selected historical organizations in the county and 1 staff member


The Historical Commission serves as a consultative and advisory body for the Board of Supervisors and other county commissions, agencies and departments on the preservation and promotion of the county's historic heritage.


The commission reviews zoning requests which may have the potential to impact surveyed historic resources, assists with the preparation and update of the Comprehensive Plan, Section 6 Historic Resources–Heritage Tourism and serves as the contact and decision making authority for the Hanover County Preservation Grants program (subject to available funding).


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